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Player Development League 2017-2018

What is the Player Developement League

The PDL (obviously a shorter version of the Player Developement League) is a league that is designed to help players improve their game . It reaches out to both exprerienced and new players , in different ways . It also aims to ease the introduction of new teams and players into the sport of paintball . 
While still being a competition the PDL will allow players to compete in an relaxed, not too competitive atmosphere , bringing back some  of the old , innocent days of paintball . The league will keep no over all season ranking. 
– 1st to 3rd place in each division. Trophies, medals & prizes .

– Top 5 players of the event . Medals & prizes .

– Top Rookie player of the event . Medal & prizes .

Basic information about the Player Developement League

Entry fee: 20 Euros per player
Divisions: Advanced and Rookie (Maximum 8 teams per division)
Format: Advanced - M500 mercy rule 3, Rookie - 4 man
Layout: 2017 Millennium Chantilly


Saturday 12.00: Open coaching under the guidance of a famous American player
Saturday 15.00: Free for all barbecue in Dynamite
Sunday 9.00: Games start

Prizes: Gift vouchers and gifts from Anthrax Paintball, GI Sports and Dye Precision for positions 1 through 3.

Roster rules - Each player can participate in both divisions , limited to one team per division .

For further information please contact us at

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